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Your Summary and Totals

Targeted Job Information

  • Targeted Job Name
  • Annual Compensation & Benefits for Targeted Job
  • Projected Number of Exits for This Job, This Year
  • Company Average Compensation & Benefits for All Positions
  • Industry

Direct Costs Summary:

Separation Costs

  • Exit Interviews
  • Administrative Functions
  • Separation Pay
  • Increase in Unemployment Tax
  • Other Separation Costs
  • Total Separation Costs

Vacancy Costs

  • Temporary Help
  • Overtime
  • Other Vacancy Costs
  • Total Vacancy Costs

Acquisition costs

  • Advertising
  • Recruiting Agency
  • Employee Referral Payouts
  • Travel
  • Interviews
  • Selection Assessments
  • Background Check
  • Drug Test
  • Physicals
  • Reference Checks
  • Hiring Bonuses
  • Relocation
  • Other Acquisition Costs
  • Total Acquisition Costs

Placement Costs

  • New Supplies/Materials
  • Onboarding Days
  • Total Onboarding Costs
  • Training Days
  • Total Training Costs
  • Other Training Costs
  • Total Placement Costs
  • Total Direct Turnover Cost

Lost Productivity Costs Summary:

  • Annual Revenue Per Full-Time Equivalent Employee
  • Number of Workdays per Year
  • Average Workdays Position Open due to Attrition
  • Number of Ramp-Up Days Divided By 2
  • Daily Revenue per Full-Time Equivalent Employee
  • Targeted Job’s Value vs Other JobsX
  • Targeted Job’s Daily Revenue
  • Lost Revenue for Open Position due to Attrition
  • Lost Revenue for Ramp-up Time due to Attrition
  • Total Gross Lost Productivity Turnover Costs per Targeted Job
  • Salary and Benefits Saved While Position is Open( )
  • Total Vacancy Costs Paid to Offset Lost Productivity( )
  • Total Lost Productivity Cost

Your Turnover Costs

  • Total Turnover Cost for One Exit For Targeted Job
  • Projected Turnover Costs for Position This Year Based On Losses

Projected Retention Savings

  • Cost Savings by Reducing Turnover 20%
  • Cost Savings by Reducing Turnover 50%